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EdTPA: Discussion Based Classroom

Gillard, Pierce
Functioning as the final assessment for graduates of the college of education, the edTPA showcases a lesson I taught within the semester of my student teaching. The different sections highlight the planning, teaching and assessing portions of a unit, specifically within three lessons referred to as the 'learning segment.' A majority of the prompts are set to demonstrate that the lessons are focused both on best practice within the classroom (as demonstrated through referenced research and theory) as well as on personal reflection for future application. It is largely an assessment, broken in parts and sections across a semester of in-classroom experience, to demonstrate an application of theory discussed at university, so as to show a readiness for entering into a licensed teaching position. My learning segment showcases the conclusion of a unit during which an 11th grade English class finished reading and analyzing the novel The Kite Runner, by Khaled Hosseini. The lessons leading up to the unit's final test conclude discussions of the text, and the assessment I wrote reflects the content discussed in the class. Discussions included small to large group oral interactions as well as written assignments in journals and daily reflections.
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