Casing Design for 13000' test gas well in Dripping Rock field near Wamsutter, WY

Benson, James
Carter, Kristin
Gardner, Patrick
Bounds, Aaron
Heiner, Brandon
Background: Casing a wellbore is an integral part of drilling and completing oil and gas wells. In this project, a 13,000 foot test gas well in the Dripping Rock field near Wamsutter, Wyoming was used as a model for the design project. Economic and safety concerns are two major considerations for this design. Method: Using similar nearby wells and principles of drilling and completion engineering, a recommendation for casing this well was created. Results: A complete casing program was created after considering three different preliminary designs. The most viable is a two-string design using 7 5/8" casing from surface to 10,500 feet and finishing with 5 1/2" casing in the target formation. Conclusion: Based on similar well casing programs in the area and the criteria learned for drilling and completion engineering, it is felt that the design created is adequate while remaining economic.
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