Dialogue and Design: Teaching Shelley's Frankenstein

Peil, Derek
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein presents many challenges to Junior and Senior high school students in terms of its intricate plot, diction, and frequent allusions to other works of literature. Through focusing on three critical stages in the instructional process (planning, delivery, and assessment), I present the ways in which research principles intersect with practice to help students overcome conceptual barriers, as documented in my edTPA (Teacher Performance Assessment) – the capstone project in the Department of Secondary Education. I focus my presentation on explaining how meaningful curriculum design provides the instructional supports for students of diverse needs to successfully comprehend and respond to the text, as well as how student dialogue fosters class cohesion and increases student performance in interpreting complex texts. Drawing on lesson plans, student work samples, and photos of my student teaching experience, I share successful instructional strategies and practices that produced learning gains along with ways in which I can improve as a reflective, conscientious professional.
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