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LokkaL: A Group Location-Sharing Mobile Application

Fenster, Kolby
As smart devices become more and more popular among the general population, their use as a tool of communication is no longer their primary functionality. These devices are being used and treated as miniature computers that provide access to entertainment, email, and many other services. We as a group decided to focus on the location-tracking aspect that many smart devices currently provide in hopes of addressing the problem of visiting a location with a group, splitting up, and being unable to know where other group members are. Our solution was to create a free and easy to use mobile application that allows users to share their current location in real-time and send/receive notifications to other members in their group, while not draining a device's battery life. The application is currently designed to run on smart devices running an Android operating system and was built using Android Studio. While other applications currently exist that have similar purposes, our application, LokkaL, was designed to include functionality that is not commonly found in free applications or has not been widely implemented. These features include knowing other members' battery life, notifying members when another group member has left a marked area, and an easy-to-use interface that allows users to easily create groups with one another. No longer will one have to worry about being unable to locate a group member when traveling to a new city, a concert/music festival, or even just a night downtown.
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LokkaL,location sharing,mobile application,Android,Other Computer Sciences
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