Solar Panel Rotation System

Tippetts, Alex
Solar energy is becoming a more sought after resource as consumers desire to become more eco-friendly. Solar panels collect energy from the sun and store it in batteries for consumers to use as is necessary. In order for solar panels to be most efficient, they must be perpendicular to the sun. Since the position of the sun changes with the time of day and the changing of the season, a solar panel's efficiency will increase when it is rotated to follow the sun. My senior design project is to create a rotational system that will allow the solar panel to be perpendicular to the sun throughout the day and year. It will automatically adjust the daily rotation and inform the user through an LCD display what angle to manually adjust the solar panel for seasonal changes. The system will calculate position and time automatically with a GPS that is connected to an atomic clock signal. Very little (if any) effort from the user will be required. The rotation system will be completely independent from any solar system in use by the consumer so the setup will be minimal and simple to complete.
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