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SarahJean O’Neill Debut Benefit Art Showcase

O'Neill, SarahJean
Many non-profit organizations rely partially on donations to fund certain programs. Big Brothers Big Sisters, an organization with a Laramie location, is no different. 90% of money donated to BBBS goes toward supporting relationships like mine and my “Little Sister’s”, a wonderful relationship I have been so fortunate to have been building over the last year and some. My Little and I share a love for art. She is an aspiring artists, and I decided to focus this project around art to show my her that there is success in art and it can be impactful. This project has the goal of supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters via money raised through art to be donated back to them. This undertaking also served to build my own skill as an ever developing artist. To make this happen, I raised money to fund the purchase of six foot canvases, painted them over the course of three months, coordinated with a local brewery to host an art show, and compiled additional original artworks prints. Art is a tool that this project has utilized to make an impact in a community program that is both life changing and vital for many members; along with personal development in painting and setting an example for my Little Sister, it aims also to draw community attention to Big Brothers Big Sisters.
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