Fight Against HIV/AIDS: Public Education Standards Across the Globe, The

Bronnenberg, Kristanza
The HIV/AIDS epidemic is one that has plagued the international community since its discovery in the 1980's. At the time of the discovery that HIV causes AIDS, researchers believed a vaccine for the HIV virus would be available within two years. But today, over 30 years later, no effective vaccine against HIV has been developed. In the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS, prevention and education are the best weapons we possess. However, the standards and content of sex and HIV/AIDS education in public schools worldwide are extremely varied and often ineffective. In this literature review, I examined the standards of sex and HIV/AIDS education in various countries and regions, including: the United States, Great Britain, Sweden, Senegal, and Latin America. I then analyzed the effectiveness of these standards based upon the prevalence of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STI's), teen pregnancy, and parental and public opinion. Finally, I examined the possibility of the development of a universal sex and HIV/AIDS education plan to be implemented internationally to further aid the fight against HIV/AIDS.
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