Look at College Student's Nutritional Knowledge, A

D'Hooge, Anna
Universities require all students to take the same basic courses, such as math, English, etc., so that upon graduation, students will be well-rounded for their future lives. One of the required courses is a physical education course that teaches students how to take care of their health, but this does not include information about nutrition. Nutrition is the foundation to living a healthy life, but it too often gets looked over. Since there is a plethora of information out there regarding "health foods," students need to receive correct information so they will better be able to live a healthy life. My senior honors project will review literature that discusses the impact that nutrition courses have on students' heath. It will also look at how students at the University of Wyoming get there nutrition information and compare it across the different majors. The evaluation of the data will show if there is a need for required nutrition courses at the University of Wyoming.
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