Discovering Classroom Management

Phillips, Emily
My student teaching experience this semester has taught me about the most difficult and most important aspects of teaching. The two pinnacle components that require the most amount of time and experience are content and classroom management. The difference in content between classes is obvious and can be prepared for before entering the classroom. Classroom management, however, is the ultimate unknown. Student behavior is like an unbalanced substance that shifts with any change in its environment. Not only does the behavior of students change from each year, but it also changes between each class, each day and can even change with the weather. While our education program does its best to prepare us for student teaching and our first year of teaching, there is a distinct difference when moving from reading to application. This presentation is intended to address the change from reading classroom management to implementing classroom management, the process of discovering classroom management techniques, and the experience of observing differences in behavior among a variety of classes and students.
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