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Riots & Reform: Policing in the Post-Floyd Era

Johnson, Adam R
George Floyd's death ushered in a new wave of police reform aimed at accountability across the nation. 25 states and DC implemented some form of police reform to reduce police brutality against Black Americans including limits on deadly use of force and chokeholds and increased officer body camera usage. This podcast will explore and analyze police reform in the post-Floyd era to find out exactly how policing has changed by incorporating interviews conducted with real police officers that belong to a large police department. Through the perspectives of the officers and the analysis of existing literature, the findings suggest that post-Floyd reforms did not greatly alter policing and police practices. Body cameras were required by most large police departments before 2020, as well as restrictions on chokeholds and the use of deadly force. These findings are beneficial to see what police officers think about police reform and how policing has changed and remained the same in the last year.
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policing practices,Police Officers,Police reform,use of force,Interview,George Floyd
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