On the Shoulders of Giants

Smith, Stuart
The hard sciences are dwindling in this country. The physics program here at the University of Wyoming, though filled with extraordinary professors, remains small. This is due, in part, to students in middle school and high school having trouble relating to the field. People tend to be more interested in stories than in equations. What I have done here is to take physics and make it a story. I combed through any and all discoveries concerning the nature of light, the aether, motion, and space from Isaac Newton to Albert Einstein, choosing my favorite fifteen or twenty scientists, and wrote their stories. However, I wrote the stories to be interactive; they are written as a choose-your-own-path plotline where the reader can try multiple different ideas to see what happens. Also, the entire work is written from the second-person perspective so that the reader, "you", is doing the experiments and discovering everything for himself or herself. The story itself is broken into four distinct parts: Isaac Newton, Light and Aether, Space and Motion, and Special Relativity.
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