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The Wait: A Statement of Advocacy for Underserved Populations

Jurkowski, Samantha A.
Health inequalities faced by those living in underserved areas has become a topic of interest for the public health sector in recent years. Despite many efforts put forth to minimize the barriers to healthcare faced by underserved populations, access to adequate healthcare remains an issue for those living in rural areas. This project aims to highlight the difficulties faced by those who experience limited access to healthcare in our country and attempts to call those who are capable to serve as a healthcare provider for the rural populations. Through the use of a photovoice, powerful images and statements of advocacy were used to exemplify the need for healthcare providers in rural and underserved areas. The photovoice titled, “The Wait”, made its mark with presentations in the public health sector at The University of Wyoming’s Health Science department, the Wyoming Telehealth Network website, a Telehealth Consortium meeting with Wyoming Telehealth partners, and in various modes across the state in conjunction with the Wyoming Youth and Young Adult Council.
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Healthcare,Rural Healthcare,Underserved Populations,Health Promotion,Public Health,Emotion,Photovoice,Healthcare Provider,Healthcare Profession
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