Face Presentation and Attention

Klepperich, Michael
The stereotypical link between blacks and violent crime have been shown throughout the past several decades. This association of blacks and violent crime seem to be unintentional and automatic, but have significant impact on real world applications such as a police officer in a shoot/don't shoot situation or jury members' decisions to acquit or convict black defendants. These associations are strongest when the race and crime are congruent to the stereotype. Because these responses are automatic, researchers hypothesize a positive correlation between the levels of individual's implicit racism, as measured through the Harvard Implicit Association Task, and attention towards black faces when first primed with crime related words in a Dot-Probe task. In addition, this research looks to corroborate the bidirectional link between concepts such as crime, and specific groups, such as blacks. This study may help to better identify those at risk of making stereotyping errors when in ambiguous black/crime situations. Data is currently in the process of being collected on students at the University of Wyoming and results are soon to follow.
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