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Carrier Recombination Dynamics Investigations of Strain-Compensated InGaAsN Quantum Wells

Xu, Lifang
Patel, Dinesh
Menoni, Carmen S.
Pikal, Jon M.
Yeh, Jeng-Ya
Huang, J. Y. T.
Mawst, Luke J.
Tansu, Nelson
The time evolution of the photoluminescence (PL) of 1300-nm emitting InGaAsN/GaAs/GaAsP strain-compensated single quantum well (QW) in the temperature range of T = 10 K – 300 K is investigated. The PL spectra observed at the early stages of carrier recombination is dominated by two transitions. These two transitions are identified as the first quantized electron state to heavy-hole state (e1-hh1) and electron to light-hole state (e1-lh1) from the analysis of polarized photocurrent measurements in combination with k · p simulation of the band structure. At longer time delays, the dilute-nitride QW exhibits carrier localization at low temperatures and faster recombination time at higher temperatures. The PL dynamics characteristics observed in the InGaAsN QW are different from those measured from the InGaAs QW.
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InGaAsN quantum well (QW),carrier recombination dynamics,carrier localization,1.3-mu m lasers,hole leakage
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