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Got Teeth?: How the Oral Microbiome and Diet Affects Our Oral Health and the Future of Dentistry

Coates, Joellen
Within the last decade, the human microbiome, especially the gut and oral microbiomes, has been heavily researched to understand its relationship to our health and its diversity. The oral microbiome has become of increasing interest in the last few years to determine how the microbiome affects oral health and the presence of dental diseases, such as dental caries (cavities) and periodontitis. It has been suggested that the oral microbiome is in a state of imbalance, or dysbiosis, during oral diseases and can be affected by several factors, such as genetics, oral hygiene habits, and more importantly diet. Ancient dental remains, specifically dental calculus, have been analyzed to provide a better understanding of ancient civilizations and emergence of modern diseases in relation to diet and oral microbiome changes. To better understand the relationship between the oral microbiome, diet, and teeth, a literature review of current research articles on the oral microbiome and diet, and the impact of those on oral health were examined. Current research suggests that it will become more important to incorporate the knowledge of the benefits of the oral microbiome and its relation to oral diseases when treating a patient. A patient's unique individual oral microbiome is expected to be utilized to prevent oral diseases from occurring and as an indication of health. The extensive research on the oral microbiome, and the impact of diet on oral and overall health, could shape the future of dentistry
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diet,oral microbiome,dentistry,dental caries,cavities,periodontitis,Dentistry
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