Automotive Fuel Tank Tumbler Drive and Ventilation Systems Design

Johnson, Mark
Miller, Spencer
Popp, Justin
A local business owner is in the unique market of revitalizing used automotive fuel tanks. Metal fuel tanks corrode over time to the point that they may become unusable. If corroded tanks are still structurally intact, this business owner applies a special liquid sealant to the inside surface of the tank to seal pin sized holes and trap loose particulates, thus making the tanks reusable. Currently, the sealing process is done entirely by hand. In 2011 this business owner approached UDR Engineering, a University of Wyoming Mechanical Engineering Senior Design group, to design a machine that would automate this process. The UDR-designed machine rotated tanks about two axes to achieve even sealant coverage. However, it did not have complete drive or ventilation systems. Therefore, Integrated Drive Solutions (IDS) was tasked with designing these two systems to fit UDR's frame. The ventilation system will shorten the sealant drying time and the drive system will allow tanks to be coated without constant supervision. This machine will decrease the cost and time required to evenly coat each tank. It will also limit the operator's exposure to the chemical sealant. Further, the machine will allow more tanks to be reused, thus reducing waste.
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