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Grotto Geyser, Famed for Its Crater, Yellowstone Nat. Park, Wyo.

GROTTO GEYSER, YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WYO. The most distinctive feature of the Yellowstone National Park is its geysers which have attracted the attention of scientists from all over the world. This region contains more geysers than all the rest of the globe. Many have attempted to explain the cause of these wonderful springs which at intervals expel their contents into the air with great force. Bunsen's theory is now commonly accepted. he believes that the Yellowstone region is of volcanic origin, that the waters of Yellowstone River find their way through masses of heated rock near the surface and steam is generated. When the steam becomes dense enough to give sufficient pressure the water above it is ejected. There are four principal geyser basins frequented by tourists. The Upper Geyser Basin, 2.5 miles ong and 1.25 miles wide, contains the greatest number of geysers. Grotto Geyser is one of the 40 in this region. This geyser, so called from its irregular and cavernous cone, spouts at 4.hour intervals. It throws a stream of water 40 feet high and continues in action about 30 minutes. All the larger geysers throw streams of water varying in height from 70 to 250 feet. The practice of putting soap within the crater to make the geyser spout before its time is now prohibited because it eventually destroys the geyser. There is only one geyser in the whole basin which discharges its water punctually. This is Old Faithful, which every hour sends up a column of water 150 feet high. During one eruption this geyser dischages 1.5 millions of gallons of water. It stands at the head of the valley and is sometimes called the Guardian of the Valley.
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