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God Is an Elephant: A Creative Nonfiction Guide to Devotion, Friends, and Conservation

Bentley, Erin G.
This creative nonfiction piece focuses on the month I spent in Thailand and Cambodia the summer after my sophomore year of college. Through my work on an elephant sanctuary, I was introduced to the problems facing captive and wild Asian elephants and was inspired to research the impacts that people and industry have on elephant health and conservation. During this experience I was afforded the chance to explore not only the intricacies surround elephant care, but also my own stance on everything from elephant conservation to a greater examination of faith. Through working with elephants, exposure to the Thai and Cambodian culture, and a deep exploration of myself and my own stance on religion, I have come to the conclusion that a culturally inclusive stance on conservation is imperative for progress, the friends that you meet and keep impact you for the rest of your life, and God is, in fact, an elephant.
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