Bullet Hole Honeycomb

Favazzo, Cady
Bullet Hole Honeycomb is made up of separate cells, distinct in content, but bound to the same whole. This set of poems seeks to make sense of the intersections of place, misunderstanding, and history as they are relative to my experiences. In one set of cells, I break down my small hometown into even smaller pieces, resulting in brief specific poems that work together to re-imagine Rock Springs, Wyoming, with a softer focus. In another set of cells, I try to glean meaning from a stark misunderstanding by speaking with both voices of the conflict. In the third and final set of cells, I navigate my father's long-term absence and subsequent death by creating a history of his life, cobbled together by equal parts story, imagination, and old photographs. Bullet Hole Honeycomb holds these holes together to mimic the creation that is born of loss.
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