Reservoir Evaluation and Simulation of Miscible Gas Flooding Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Sand Dunes Field of the Muddy Formation in Wyoming

Boyt, Corey
MacIntyre, Kenneth Casey
Loris, Joey
Bradley, Alyssa
Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is a tertiary means of recovery oil from a reservoir. Methods under EOR surpass naturally flowing wells and conventional means of water flooding where thermal recovery, gas injection, and chemical injection is used to better the oil characters for increased production. Screening potential field candidates through the Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute's database, the Muddy formation in the Sand Dunes field, located just Northeast of Casper, was chosen based on its susceptibly to miscible gas EOR. Utilizing field data from both federal and private sources, a static model of the reservoir was created followed by a dynamic model. The design team then determined whether the field was within economic feasibility based on the additional infrastructure of the field and increased recovery. The finalized report will determine if development of the field for EOR should be implemented now or at higher future oil prices, if a less expensive water flood is recommended over EOR, or if current means of production should remain.
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