H2Go Design Challenge

Baumgardner, Tommy
Rozack, Nick
Each year, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) hosts a student design competition to display the talents of mechanical engineering students from across the country. The 2011 ASME design challenge was to fabricate a concept prototype for rain energy conversion. The device would propel a model car as far as possible by converting the potential energy of one liter of water at one meter height. ORB Engineering developed a device that would capture the falling water into a suspended container that would lower due to the weight of the water. This container was attached to the spool shaped vehicle via a pulley system and a Kevlar line. The Kevlar line was wrapped around the vehicle axel and as the container fell, the line would unwind generating a rotational motion of the vehicle. When the line fully unwound from the axel and the container reached the floor of the device, it would contact a release lever that w+B1582ould allow the vehicle to roll out of the device and down the track. ORB Engineering completed the design to meet all the rules and requirements set forth by the ASME design competition.
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