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On the summit of the great Jupiter Terrace-looking S. E. to Bunsen Peak (9100 ft.), Yellowstone Park, U.S.A.

All through Jupiter Terrace there are many paths, which enable one to pass about and enjoy the beautiful forms and exquisite color effects. Taking one of these paths, and passing to the summit of the terrace near the great boiling spring, you see all about you at the right and in the distance, large pools of water from the hot springs. The colors are beautiful beyond the power of words to describe, ranging from the delicate cream to a deep wine color. the water in the pools is a deep blue and adds much to the general effect. The beautiful deposits called geyserite, are caused by the cooling of the water as it flows out thus not being able to retain the hydrate of silica in solution it is deposited around the spring building up these beautiful stairways of the Gods as they are often called. Thus this wonderful structure is being built up day after day and year after year forcing the outlet of the spring higher and higher up. On a cool morning the snowy clouds of condensed steam play most beautifully around the fountain. in the distance toward the southeast, can be seen Bunsen Peak. This peak is 9,000 feet in height. Travelers often take a half day to make an extra trip to the Park going upon horseback. The trail winds about the mountain, and when at the summit, one gets a fine view of the country for miles around. Teton Range, 100 miles distant, can be seen to the southwest on a clear day; Gallatin Range on the west; and on the north and east are Electric Peak, Hot Springs Valley, and Yellowstone Range.
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Photography,Stereoscopic,Yellowstone National Park,Wyoming
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