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Leavitt Reservoir Expansion Project

Warberg, Kaylie
Every year, civil engineering seniors are tasked with a real-life design project to teach them the process of design and working as a team.  This year the project was based of the previously completed Leavitt Reservoir Expansion Project.  The project was designed already by the actual engineers and students were able to learn from them and ask them questions on how to complete the design.  Students built teams that consist of a project manager, transportation engineer, environmental engineer, three structural engineers, three hydrology engineers, and three geotechnical engineers.  This project has a focus on the geotechnical designs and analyses done by me and the geotechnical team for the completion of the project.  The geotechnical aspects of the project include analyzing soil properties, design of two dams, calculation of all earthwork to complete the project, design of roadway substrates, and calculation of capacity, size and settlement of the foundation systems for two building on site.
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