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One of Nature's wonders, Riverside Geyser, Yellowstone Park.

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK. You may have scaled the lofty Himalayas, penetrated the fastnesses of darkest Africa, or inhaled the blossom laden atmosphere of flowery Japan, but you have not seen the world unless you have visited Yellowstone Park. Hidden away in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, eight thousand feet above sea level lies this Wonderland of America. In 1872 Yellowstone Park was withdrawn from settlement and will for ever be preserved as one of the Nation's show places. its area is about 5,000 square miles and with its mountain ranges and lakes, its canyons and waterfalls, its geysers, hot springs and terraces, all easily accessible by fine roadways, it is without equal on the earth. Here under the rigid protection of Uncle Sam and safe from the huntsman's rifle are bear, deer, elk, antelope and a fine herd of buffalo. In the section known as Firehole Basin are countless geysers and boiling mineral springs. For untold centuries the overflow from these seething cauldrons, strongly imppregnated with mineral substances, has taken wierd and fantastic shapes. the evaporating water leaves a mineral deposit spread out in delicate rippling layers which take the form of basins, terraces, lacelike designs or the faithful portrayal of a flower or plant which like prisms reflect all the colors of the rainbow.
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