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Analysis of Selected Upper-division Core Courses in the Haub School's Environment and Natural Resources Curriculum, An

Andersen, Ashley
The Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) is an interdisciplinary School at the land-grant University of Wyoming (UW). This study begins to assess whether and how the Haub School is meeting specific learning objectives by analyzing student and alumni feedback related to two upper-division core courses in the ENR core curriculum. Current students and alumni were surveyed to determine their opinions regarding whether these courses achieved selected learning outcomes as well as the degree to which these outcomes were useful within their careers. Results showed that, categorically, students and alumni did not differ significantly in their high reported opinions regarding the efficacy of these courses to provide specified knowledge and skills, and with relevancy to their current or future careers. This study also reviews the state of environmental studies curriculum in higher education as described in current scholarly literature. Both the literature and respondents' qualitative responses revealed insight into the challenges, successes, and opportunities for this relatively new interdisciplinary field of study.
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Environmental Studies,Higher Education,Curriculum
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