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Dale Creek Bridge, near Sherman.

Chas. Weitfle,
This great road begins at Omaha and ends at Ogden, Utah; distance 1032 miles, main line, with branches comprising as many more. The scenery along the road comprises every shade, from the ocean-like prairie to the highest mountain peaks. It crosses the summit of the Rocky Mountains at Sherman, Wyoming, and 185 miles further on the Continental Divide, 7,100 ft. above the sea level, where the waters flow to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The rock formation at Green River, near Sherman, and through Echo and Weber canons are not surpassed in the world. This road, though enormously taxed to move the immense passenger traffic across the continent, yet with its road bed of solid stone ballast, heavy steel rails, ponderous engines, abundance of cars and the skillful management for which this road is noted, accomplishes all without delay or accident.
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