Modern Contact Lenses and Ocular Health

Garneau, Meccade A
Contact lenses are an integral part of optometry practices and have been growing in popularity due to the recent advances in comfort and convenience. Unfortunately, many patients lack information on the different contacts available and a proper understanding of contact hygiene. Patients tend not to take the need to develop healthy contact habits seriously because they do not fully grasp the dangers of contact lenses. It is important for optometrists to properly communicate the why’s of contact lens safety so that patients will be more likely to take their ocular health seriously. By combining the findings of clinical studies, interviews with optometrists, and contact lens research, optometrists can make well-informed recommendations on the contact lenses available. This includes an explanation of the different types of polymers and how they affect oxygen permeability, moisturizing lenses, and comfortable surfaces that lead to better-fitting contacts. This research paper will provide a concise overview of contact lenses to aid optometrists in providing excellent care for their patients.
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Optometry,ocular health,contact lens,Keratitis,Stromal Scarring
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