What about bugs?: Developing an Entomology Curriculum for High School Students

Ostrander, Angela
In high school science courses, I have personally experienced a large void in the area of entomological studies. Nevertheless, there remains a prominent focus on human systematics and the functions of other large mammals. Insects comprise a majority of organisms in our environment and contribute greatly to the survival of human beings through tasks such as pollination and seed dispersal. Without a basic understanding of entomology, student perceptions of our biological world will be severely misguided. My senior honor's thesis provides a solution to this deficit. I have used the knowledge I have gained from my experiences at the University of Wyoming to develop an entomology curriculum for early high school students, grade 9-10. However, I hope that teachers from all levels, K-12, will feel compelled to alter this curriculum to their specific grade levels and make it a part of their classrooms. I strongly feel that this honor's project is the perfect way to show the University of Wyoming what I have gained these past four years
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