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Telehealth as a Method for Increasing Access to Specialized Care for Wyoming Patients

Rust, Dylan
Individuals in Wyoming often have to travel hundreds of miles to receive specialized types of care, such as cardiology, neurology, specialized surgeries, etc. Travel is difficult for patients as it costs money, takes time, and if the person is unable to drive, they cannot access needed care. Telehealth is a booming new industry that is being used to provide various levels of care, and has been shown to be successful in many instances. However, it seems that Wyoming has not embraced this new method of providing care, nor have physicians who provide specialized care. Pilot studies around the country and globe have demonstrated the feasibility and accuracy of telehealth in providing care to patients in a variety of medical specialties. Economic analysis of telehealth networks suggest monetary benefits to patients, physicians, and the hospitals they work for. Patients and physicians who participate in telehealth services report feeling that excellent care was provided, and a vast majority said they would use telehealth again for providing or receiving healthcare. For these reasons, physicians and patients in Wyoming should look to telehealth for medical services that are not offered locally or within the state. This method of care will benefit patients and physicians financially, and increase access to necessary care for Wyoming residents.
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