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Yellowstone River above Upper Falls-Saddle Rock and Chittenden Bridge, Yellowstone Nat. Park, Wyo.

YELLOWSTONE RIVER ABOVE UPPER FALLS--SADDLE ROCK AND CHITTENDEN BRIDGE. A drive of 20 miles, most of it along the meandering shores of Yellowstone Lake, brings us to lake Junction, on the N. shore, with its hotel, lodge and camping places, its exquisite views across the length of the lake to the distant mountains and its famous Fishing Bridge over the Yellowstone River, which here flows northward out of the lake on its way to the Grand Canyon. At Lake Junction the Cody Road, coming in from the E. joins the main loop highway. We shall see more of this road on leaving the Park, but at present, we proceed northward, following the graceful windings of the Yellowstone River for sixteen miles to the head of the Grad Canyon. Many objects of unique interest lie along the road; the repulsive Mud Volcano, and close to it, in sharp contrast, the equally active, but perfectly clear Dragon's Mouth Spring; Hayden Valley, once a great arm of Yellowstone Lake and Sulphur Mountain, over whose slope are scattered innumerable little steam vents strongly impregnated with sulphur. Nearing the Grand Canyon the river becomes compressed between narrowing rock walls and dashes with increasing fury toward the brink of the Upper Falls. We are looking at it just before it takes the 109-foot plunge. In the distance we see the graceful arch of Chittenden Bridge, named for the distinguished historian of the Northwest, Col. H. M. Chittenden, which connects the loop highway with canyon Lodge and Artist Point on the E. side of the river. (View looking S. Elev. 7,600 ft. Lat. 45° N.; Long. 111° 30' W.)
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