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The Mind's Release: An Artistic Exploration of Mental Health

Stalcup, Brynja
For my capstone project, I wanted to explore a creative side of something that has deeply impacted my life as well as the lives of those around me. Issues with mental health are varied and widespread. The pandemic has exasperated many of these mental health issues. Artistic creation is both an exploration and release of inner turmoil that can often be difficult to put into words. An Artistic Exploration of Mental Health will be a collection of art created by individuals who personally struggle or have a personal connection to mental health. The call to artists opened in January of 2022 and the deadline for applications is May 1st. The works submitted are, and will be, included in a digital exhibit. Mediums can include but are not limited to: dance, graphic design, installation art, music, paintings, photography, poetry, sculptures, sketches, spoken word, and video.
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