Structural Systems Design of the Lincoln Fire Department Headquarters

Burback, Michelle
For the purpose of the Structural Systems Design course in which this project was completed, students were to develop a structural design to withstand all loads and meet code requirements for a certain project. Given were the architectural drawings for a fire department building to be located in Lincoln, Nebraska, geotechnical report for the building site, and design deadlines. The main objectives of the design were to choose materials and systems to carry expected gravity and lateral loading in accordance with local codes and the requirements of the architect and mechanical and plumbing engineers. Constructability and cost were also considered in the design process. The completion of the design resulted in a steel framing system to sustain gravity loading, a lateral system comprised of braced frames and masonry shear walls, and a foundation system with both strip and isolated footings. Calculation of gravity and lateral loads led to sizing of steel members, footings, roof and floor decking, and design of shear walls, braced frames, and connections. Overall, the complexities provided by the architectural floor plan, needs of the project's other engineers, and loading conditions led to a unique structural system that met all given requirements.
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