Stratigraphic cross sections and subsurface model of the Lance and Fort Union formations, Great Divide Basin, Wyoming

Lynds, R.M.
Carroll, C.J.
This publication has been superseded by WSGS Report of Investigations 73, by Lynds and Lichtner (2016). The purpose of this study is to clarify the stratigraphy of the Lance and Fort Union Formations in the Great Divide Basin (GDB), a sub-basin of the northeastern Greater Green River Basin, to help guide future hydrocarbon and coal exploration and aid in constraining the timing of local Laramide tectonic events. Formation tops, member tops, and coals were correlated throughout the GDB from a Wyoming State Geological Survey database of 4,309 oil, gas, and coal exploration wells. Results are presented in graphic format as a series of six cross sections, three structure contour maps, and two isochore maps.
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Great Divide Basin,Wyoming,Lance Formation,Fort Union Formation,cross section,Carbon Count,Sweetwater County,geology
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