ESPY 1-22 Solution

Haworth, Clayton
Larson, Jeremiah
Jaffal, Mohammed
The ESPY 1-22 is an oil-producing rod-pump well near Rawlins, Wyoming that is currently shut-in due to a hole in the liner. The well has shown the potential of being a 60 BPD well for the producing company, Thorofare Resources Inc. The hole has caused a gas pressure build-up within the well. The hole in the liner is detrimental to the production of the well, especially with the current gas build-up. A solution for both the hole in the lining and the gas need to be implemented as soon as possible in order for the well to be profitable again. The goal of our senior design project is to provide a plan for relieving the gas as well as fixing the hole in the liner. Through the analysis of previous casing inspection log, the hole has been theoretically located in the 2nd Frontier Formation. With a focus on being economically friendly, the solution for the gas is flaring comparatively over production. Flaring the gas requires specific surface equipment as well as following certain rules put in place by the EPA. The best answer for the hole in the liner is to squeeze the hole rather than plugging and abandoning the well according to the economic potential of the well. In order to do this, a program must be run using the parameters of the formation in which the hole is located. The final design for the well solution will be given to a leading petroleum engineer in Thorofare Resources Inc. for consideration.
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