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Chemical EOR Powder River Basin Field Screening

Wong, Maxwell N.
Pointon, Thomas J.
Adeniyi, Solomon
Alhajri, Hindi
Almahasheer, Jarah
For this project a large data package from the Enhance Oil Recovery Institute was used to screen oil fields in the Powder River Basin, and determine the top five fields best suited for a particular method of Enhance Oil Recovery called chemical flooding. In order to accomplish these tasks, we began with project planning and divided the project into three phases. We then went into screening and ranking fields by completing a field screening and ranking analysis. Initial scoping and economic screening of the data reduced the number of fields from 4500+ to 114. In field screening a list of parameters from different fields are compared and analyzed. Depending on the screening method and the lookup tables used, the various parameters are weighed and valued. We then used our indexing method to rank each field for our enhance oil recovery method, chemical flooding. Our indexing method involved comparing the range of field parameters against comfort reference values to find an index for each field, and using higher index values as better candidates. Many of these fields had missing data needed for screening process. In order to complete the data several literature reviews were completed in order to find public sources of information such as the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission and AAPG database. Eventually, 5 fields were selected as the best candidates for chemical flooding and more detail analysis of each field's history was completed.
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Powder River Basin,Chemical Flooding,Enhance Oil Recovery,Screening,Ranking,Indexing,SACAN
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