Center For Volunteer Services Online Database System

Carpenter, Kenneth H. III
Owen, Lisa
Helvie, Brandon
The Center for Volunteering Services manages many volunteer opportunities within the University of Wyoming. Such opportunities increase the availability of scholarships and jobs as it demonstrates an "above and beyond" aspect for the individual. As of now, forms for all participants are maintained manually thus limiting the reach and efficiency of this resource. Our senior design project implements an online system available for students, non-students and organizations to enhance effectiveness of this center. For organizations, opportunities can be uploaded online from anywhere with internet access and for any user to see. Users can view any organization's opportunities and submit completed applications from anywhere with internet access. All forms are stored in a database where they can be viewed and printed in PFD format. Email notifications will be sent out when any additions or modifications are made to the system. All of these features will not only remove the limits of the paper-only system, but increase efficiency within the Center for Volunteering Services. Overall, more organizations with opportunities will be readily available and applicants will be able to save time by filling out forms online.
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