All Weather Doghouse

Catchpole, Marcus
In areas like Laramie, it can get exceptionally cold during the winter. Animals are bought in for safety on cold nights and sometimes during the day. Animals in kennels may become restless during the day and some animals are not bred or trained to be inside. My senior design project will create a safe area for dogs outside in any weather condition to temperatures as low as -44 Degrees Fahrenheit. The doghouse will be programmable and heated. The thermostat will have menus that display the temperature range for the past 36 hours both inside and outside of the doghouse. The doghouse will include a programmable thermostat that will have a hot and cold activation temperature which will either open a vent or turn on a heater. There will also be programmable threshold temperatures that will allow an indicator light on the outside of the doghouse to flash in the case of dangerous low or high temperatures. The doghouse will allow animal owners to comfortably keep their animals outdoors on the coldest days and nights and indicate the temperature extremes to give owners peace of mind regarding their animal's safety.
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