Fracture Stimulation Techniques

Barsness, Katie
Fu, Limin
Skinner, Josie
Williams, Alex
Fracture stimulation techniques within the petroleum industry have been advancing at a rapid rate through the past decade due to the discovery of unconventional plays and the increase in the use of natural gas. These techniques have become common practice and have caught the attention of the general public who've developed concerns regarding safety, environmental, and ethical issues. Recent incidents on location and after effects of fracturing projects have led to a loss in support from the public and increased limits on fracturing in resource plays that require these methods to be economical. From an industry standpoint, fracturing techniques are essential in making many resource plays economic and must be used for successful field development. Specific techniques of high energy gas fracturing, slickwater fracturing, foam fracturing, sliding sleeve, and plug and perforate methods are taken into consideration for their use throughout the world and the United States. These techniques each have their own positives and negatives that must be investigated. Safety issues, environmental impacts, and ethical practices effect the public and as an industry, we must do all we can to inform and educate, fostering a mutual respect and understanding for the needed use of fracture stimulation and rolls of engineering
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