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Scalloped Spring and Dome Geyser.

THE NATIONAL PARK. This Park, the largest in the workd, area 3578 sq, miles, elevation above the sea from 6000 to 14,000 ft., is on both sides (but mainly on E. side) of the main range of the Rocky Mts., in N. W. corner of Wyoming Territory, U.S. of A. It was made a National Park by Act of Congress, approved March 1, 1872, and contains a far greater number and variety of natural wonders lakes, cataracts, canons, mud volcanos, solfataras, fumaroles, ornamental hot springs, spouting geysers, etc., than any other equal area on the globe. These springs are all on the east bank of the Fire Hole Fork of the Madison branch of the Missouri River, and in the Upper Geyser Basin (for views of geysers, see any numbers from 7 to 25, and from 30 to 44, inclusive). They are samples of the thousands of springs in this marvellous region, which, though they do not spout like the geysers, are so exquisitely lovely that they would well repay for a visit to the Park if there were no other wonders there. Their steaming waters, though seeming clear as crystal, carry silica in solution, which deposits by evaporation, producing the rock which surrounds them, and which, though mostly of a glistening white, is often by various minerals, in solution in the water, colored in brilliant hues of red, yellow, green, brown, cream, salmon, pink, lavender, etc. The delicate beauty of the forms in which the silica deposits is all too imperfectly shown, even by the stereoscope. In 27 and 29 are shown springs which have built up their dome-shaped chimneys in the very edge of the river (for views of great geysers in eruption, see any of views Nos. 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 35, 41, and 42. For Yellowstone Lake River, Falls, and Canon, and Tower Creek, and Falls, see Nos. 51 to 78, and 117 to 121, inclusive. For Gardiner's River, and Mammoth Hot Springs, see Nos. 79 to 116, inclusive.
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