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Three Black Bears Climbing a Tree in Yellowstone Park.

BEARS IN YELLOWSTONE PARK. While driving through Yellowstone Park we saw a tame bear eating candy. Farther on down the trail, we saw two baby cubs, a middle-sized bear, and their mother around whom a group of people had gathered. I put a piece of candy on a log in front of me. One little cub greedily ate it and rolled over backward in the leaves. Such cunning little balls of fur! Suddenly, for no apparent reason, the three younger bears clambered up a pine tree just as you see them in this picture. We stared at the tree and its load. Not so the mother bear! She looked back up the mountain for the cause of fear. Sure enough there he was, a great big brown bear coming down upon her family. Without waiting the mother bear turned and jogged off to meet the big bear. He seemed to have met her before, for when she spoke to him in firm growls and snarls, the huge fellow wheeled around and trotted off over the mountain top. The younger bears in the tree had been shaking with fear. But now they skinned down the tree and began eating our candy again. The mother bear also came and ate as if nothing had happened. This is a true story.
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