Remediation of the Atlas D Missile Site 4

Heil, Misty
The Atlas-D-Missile-Site-4 east of Cheyenne used the chemical TCE to clean nuclear missiles. This site, decommissioned in the 1960's, has yet to begin the process of remediation to mitigate the contamination left from the TCE. This contamination plume has moved into the water tables that feed the domestic and private wells east of the missile site, and continues to move towards Cheyenne. This study investigates the lack of movement in the remediation process over the last thirty years. The objectives of this study are to; 1) gain an understanding of the dynamics of this site; 2) advocate for remediation; 3) facilitate communication and information to members of the Wyoming state legislature from participating government agencies. Over the last two years the primary investigator communicated with participating agencies, attended meetings between agencies and the public, compiled archival data both public and private, as well as sought out the expertise of professionals in the surrounding community. Results of this study reveal the lack of transparency, accountability, and communication between agencies to the public and governing entities. Further work needs to be done to objectively facilitate the remediation of this site to prevent total contamination of vital water resources.
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