UW Student Radio Establishes "A Look Around"

Schmidt, Rachel
Sweeney, Tara
Rachel Schmidt had absolutely no experience with radio broadcasting, but when she was offered a chance to host a show for the new ASUW Student Station, she couldn't pass up the opportunity! She and Tara Sweeney (her equally inexperienced roommate and fellow Junior in UW's Honors Program) put their heads together and fleshed out plans for an hour long show entitled, 'A Look Around: An International Hour focused on events, people, and cultures from around the globe." Beginning in January of the Spring 2010 semester and wrapping up in late April, A Look Around aired twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays at 4pm at Influenced by their courses of study, the co-hosts made it the mission of their program to seek out and relate international current events and histories. They interviewed several foreign students and faculty, as well as those native to the US who had travelled abroad. Additionally, they conveyed aspects of culture – music/films, religion, and social justice issues. Much was discovered of world politics, entertainment, and antiquity (and the role of the U.S.), as well as the technicalities of news distribution.
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