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Risks and Benefits of Celecoxib Use during Surgery

Watson, Ally V
This paper explores both the upsides and downsides of celecoxib use throughout the orthopedic surgical process. Celecoxib has the ability to decrease pain and inflammation on a surgical site. However, the analgesic effect that comes with this drug also has some other side effects, including bleeding and potential to delay healing. During my time of clinical rotations at an orthopedic ambulatory surgical center, there were many differing opinions on whether the risks of using this type of NSAID outweigh the benefits of using this drug. Due to this gap in knowledge on the use of this drug, I felt the need to dive more into the topic and find research on the effect of celecoxib during the perioperative period. This paper presents the research found regarding this drug and discusses how this drug interacts with the body before, during, and after the time of surgery.
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