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The Connection Between Human and Companion Animal Diabetes

Killian, Madeline J
Both humans and companion animals are facing large increases in the number of individuals with diabetes. New treatments have been established in companion animals that could show promise for humans as well. Therefore, this study aims to determine what types of treatment are effective in companion animals and if research could be expanded to humans with these. To determine this, a literature review was conducted. It was found that ultra long-acting insulins can provide week-long glycemic control in companion animals and has a possibility for remission. There is no current approved insulin for humans that can provide this control so research must be done to see if new ultra long-acting insulins could provide this. Research must also be done to determine why the cost of insulin is far less for companion animals than humans. The results of which areas to research concluded that combining research between companion animal and human diabetes could advance the human diabetes field and make this disease far less daunting on the individual.
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Diabetes,Companion Animals,Companion Animal Diabetes,Human Diabetes,Insulin
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