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Instructional Facilitators in Wyoming's Schools: Perspective of Principals

Reznicek, Larry
This study seeks to provide additional information on the body of knowledge specifically regarding Wyoming principal perceptions on the use of instructional facilitators in their buildings. Expanding awareness of this field may help school leaders to incorporate this form of professional development for teachers within their buildings. The study explored the perceptions of Wyoming principals and their experiences with instructional facilitators. The participants in this study were identified as those who are currently a principal in a Wyoming school and work directly with an instructional facilitator. This study analyzed the perceptions of principals as to their vision, roles and responsibilities and attitude of the instructional facilitator program. Principals reported strong agreement in their perceptions of vision with regards to instructional coaching as an effective means to improve teacher instruction. With roles and responsibilities, the highest rated item was the goal of the instructional facilitator improving instructional practice within their building. Supporting teachers with instructional facilitators was the item rated the highest when principals were asked about their attitudes towards the program. There was no significant difference regarding the vision of the program between elementary and secondary principals. However, elementary principals reported significantly stronger opinions compared to secondary principals in their beliefs about roles and responsibilities of instructional facilitators used in their buildings. Elementary principals also showed significantly more positive attitudes about the instructional facilitator program compared to secondary principals.
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