Tychel Senior Design Project

Pool, Chris
Connely, Tyler
Meena, Eli
We want to design a phone application that aids in planning a fitness schedule. This android mobile application will allow the user to create a profile that specifies their age, weight, goals, allergies... etc. in order to create a premade nutrition plan and workout schedule. The user would then be able to look through the plans and remove and add things they would like to and from the plans. After the user confirms their plan, they will be taken to their "My Day" page. The user will never access the create profile pages again, but they will still have the opportunity to change their plans, goals, and profile information. They will have four pages to look through. "My Day", "My Meal Plan", "My Workout Plan", and "Settings". "My Day" will display their daily Workout and meal plan, "My Meal Plan" will display the week's meal plan, and "My Workout Plan" will display the week's workout plan. "Settings" will allow them to change their plans and goals.
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