Transnationalism of Mediated Communication Analyzing The Overlapping Matrices of Cultural Influence Intersections of Laramie, Wyoming & Its Connection To The Greater World, The

Lundell, Sven
The purpose of this study is to investigate the literary and communicative trends that go a step beyond colonialism within Laramie, Wyoming to develop a greater understanding of how the world has adapted its mediated communicative needs. There is a deep and rich history within the city of Laramie from the early development of the railroad onwards. The developments and global standards reflected within Laramie, Wyoming reflect a vivid history of the development of mediated communication around the globe. This study will display the distinct intersections of cultural influence that has developed the intersection of transnationalism through mediated communication through the first development of western society in Laramie, Wyoming to the modern day developments in global mediated communication reflected through the lens of Laramie, Wyoming.
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