Ibuprofen Transdermal Patch

Gradisher, Logan
Stephens, Analisa
Many pain sufferers have difficultly using oral dosages or injections of medications, bringing about the need for an alternative means of delivery for both over the counter and prescription medications. A promising option is medicated patches that can transfer pain relieving drugs through the skin to a localized area. The purpose of this project is to design a viable transdermal patch that delivers an affective dosage of ibuprofen to the affected area. With a transdermal delivery system, a patient reluctant to take pills or have an injection will still receive the pain relieving medicine they need. Ibuprofen was chosen to use in our patch design due to its pain, fever, and inflammation reducing properties. Additionally ibuprofen has been FDA approved which will cut clinic and FDA approval costs of the product. A transdermal patch will reduce the total amount of drug to equal an effective dosage and can be sold in an over the counter dosage or a prescription dosage. The patch itself will be a reservoir type patch which was found to fit with the design of our drug used in delivery. The final design is a reservoir type patch with a drug depot containing ibuprofen, enhancers, and a gelling component. The drug transport will be regulated with a porous rate control adhesive membrane. There will also be an occlusive backing that will seal to the adhesive membrane keeping the patch intact as well as protecting the membrane.
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