Promoting University Departments through Short Form Video

Martin, Katrina B.
Marketing and promotion are difficult things to keep up with in this time of constantly developing technology. In response to this my senior honors project aims at assisting university departments in updating their promotion methods by creating a series of short form videos to be used on both university webpages and other web media such as YouTube. This project focuses on the honors program and their teachers and staff. It is done by performing a series of interviews with individual honors teachers and honors staff as well as by recording sections of various lectures to further display teaching styles. These interviews and lectures are then cut and edited into short videos which will be given to the Honors Program to use on their university website and YouTube channel as they see fit. The intent of this project is to give the Honors Program a more media-centered way to connect to parents and students and to allow a more personal understanding of teachers which may assist in decisions about university or class enrollment. The long term hope of this project is that the videos will gather further support for the university, draw more prospective students in, and draw current students towards honors-specific classes and teachers. If this system is successful it is hoped that other departments could construct similar videos to use for their own promotion.
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