Wyoming Public Radio into Media: Embracing the Power and Potential of Digital Media

Rader, Anna
Over the last few years, radio has undergone changes that are inevitable in the world of new media and digital technology. National Public Radio has extended their focus to build a compelling service on, as well as mobile sites and apps. These digital platforms offer more ways to listen learn and experience NPR and stations. Wyoming Public Radio has is undergoing these changes as well. Their name for instance has changed to Wyoming Public Media (WPM), showing their internal mechanisms to listeners externally. However, WPM's funding is far less than many member stations across the United States. A few of these problems include Wyoming's lower population as well as the generational gap of listeners who tune into WPR. This proves challenges that many other stations don't face. Our world is experiencing another era of innovation; a world that is much faster, more chaotic and dynamic. Through audio interviews, experiencing the inner workings of Wyoming Public Media, this study shows the positive and negative changes and challenges that WPM faces. The impact of this study is to show that radio is a strong foundation upon which to build, as WPR is actively embracing the power and potential of digital media.
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